David Kereszteny-Lewis aka KL and Kim Minchin have come together for an extremely special collaboration. 

David Kereszteny-Lewis, a recognised artist and formerly Kim’s art tutor at school taking her through GCSE and A-level art. 

KL was a huge inspiration to Kim in developing her own creative style and he’s the reason for her love for Monochrome. Kim has taken all she learnt from him to Fine Art at University, through to her creative journey today and using his principles when designing her jewellery collections.

“I remember his art room being full of these incredible black and white abstract paintings and I had an instant connection with them over anything with a huge amount of colour. The lack of colour really intrigued me, enabling me to have my own interpretation of what it was”

KLs work is an autobiographical visualisation of his experiences in the landscapes he has come to know and understand intimately.

Using acrylic, ink and gesso ground to give the paintings a resilient textural base capturing the uncompromising character of the places he explores.

This collaboration has taken him on a slightly different journey, whilst still using places as the inspiration, this collaboration is a synergy of the places that have inspired Kim, whether it be through her jewellery collections or places that inspire her and give the brand their defined aesthetic and style. 

Within this first collaboration they have focused on 2 of Kim’s biggest inspirations. New York City and California.

The New York Series explores one of her biggest jewellery collections ‘The Roxy’ where she took inspiration from NYC and David Bowie for her range. 

Kim has always loved New York and on her last visit she was inspired to design the Roxy Collection. On this particular trip when Kim landed in New York she found out the news of Bowie’s passing and little did she know that her hotel was opposite his apartment on Lafayette street. With emotions running high the energy was electric just as you would expect and so the mix of the architecture combined with the eclectic style of Bowie and his Studio 54 heyday the Roxy collection was born!

Unsurprisingly KL and Kim have a joint love for Bowie and New York City and it’s this parallel and connection that has created this biggest series of their first collaboration. 

You’ll find a series of 6 limited edition prints, all individual stand alone pieces, that can also be partnered together.

The second series - The ‘Cali’ Collection takes on a totally different appearance and steps away from the monochrome, bringing in those earthy desert tones of California and its golden coast. 

Kim takes huge inspiration from California in her homeware range and interior style, through its textures, tones and colours, a  theme through her brands aesthetic which ironically compliments the black white. 

KL also has a love for California after many trips there over the years and a knowledge of its landscapes giving him a complete understanding and connection with this series and it’s aesthetic enabling him to depict the exact tones and energy in the paintings.

Here you’ll find 4 limited edition prints. The ‘Golden Coast’ a series of 3 to be displayed together and the larger stand alone ‘Mojave’ perfect for propping up in any area of the home.  

Each print is of the highest quality, printed on Giclée (fine art paper) and framed by the best in the business. Each one is individually signed by both artist and Kim and comes with its own authenticity sticker. Each print is a limited edition collection of 25 and once are gone they are gone. 

We hope you fall in love with these paintings as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to life.

The originals can be purchased and custom sizes of the prints can also be produced.

Prices available on request.