What is a Hallmark?

A Hallmark is a mark or series of marks stamped onto certain metals to certify their purity. i.e. 925 Sterling Silver.

All our pieces are stamped with our KM symbol to show our pieces are made from 92.5% pure silver and to certify their authenticity. 

Some of the pieces in our collections are heavier than others and under the Hallmarking act it is a legal requirement for silver weighting over 7.78gms to have a UK recognised hallmark from one of the UK'S Assay offices. For our pieces this consists of 3 markings.

1. 925 Mark.This symbol is a number that tells you the piece is made from 925 sterling silver.

2. Assay Office Mark

3. Our Sponsor mark which is our unique symbol with the initials KM. Unique to Kim Minchin Jewellery.