Statement pieces to express your individuality.

Kim Minchin is a coveted British Jewellery & Lifestyle brand known for its elegant, timeless pieces with an edge.

From exclusively designed jewellery, to handpicked lifestyle pieces from across the globe to limited edition exclusive art.

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Statement pieces to express your individuality.

Our culture epitomises empowerment by enhancing your confidence to be who you truly want to be, allowing you to speak louder than the rest and express your personality and style through our Jewellery.

All our jewellery is made from premium materials including 925 sterling silver and hand carved precious stones each with their own meanings. The collections have been curated so whether you’re wearing one or all of them you always have the edge.


David Kereszteny-Lewis aka KL and Kim Minchin have come together for an extremely special collaboration.

David Kereszteny-Lewis, a recognised artist and formerly Kim’s art tutor at school taking her through GCSE and A-level art. 

This collaboration is a synergy of the places that have inspired Kim, whether it be through her jewellery collections or places that inspire her and give the brand their defined aesthetic and style. 

Within this first collaboration they have focused on 2 of Kim’s biggest inspirations. New York City and California.

Each print is of the highest quality, printed on Giclée (fine art paper) and framed by the best in the business. Each one is individually signed by both artist and Kim and comes with its own authenticity sticker. Each print is a limited edition collection of 25 and once are gone they are gone.