Kim Minchin Jewellery

The Roxy Cage Silver


The Roxy Cage opens to allow you to change the colour of the stone to suit your outfit mood or healing property. 

Made from 925 Sterling Silver 

Complete with 925 80cm Ball Chain

Pendant Size;2.5cm

(Please note all stones are a natural product and as such may vary in colour.)  

Black Onyx
Charka; Root
Properties; Strength, Healing, Blocks negativity.

Rose Quartz
Chakra; Heart
Properties; Love, Energy, Relieves Anxiety.

Green Aventurine Light
Chakra; Heart
Properties; Opportunity, Positivity, Luck.

Green Aventurine Dark
Chakra; Heart
Properties; Opportunity, Positivity, Luck.

Snow Quartz
Chakra; Crown
Properties; Calm, Clarity, Assists in Meditation

Chakra; Crown
Properties; Spiritual, Powerful, Protective 

Tigers Eye
Chakra; Solar Plexus & Base.
Properties; Helps to focus the mind. Aids in clear thinking to stick to plans. Enhances self confidence & will power.

Grey Agate
Chakra; All
Properties; Balance, Protection, Creativity.
African Turquoise
Brings positive energy and opens the mind to new ideas and possibilities 

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